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Cerebral Artery Hypoplasia in a Select Adult Kenyan Population
Background  Hypoplasia of cerebral arteries predisposes to stroke and cerebral aneurysms which have an increased incidence in sub-Saharan Africa. The frequency and pattern of cerebral arteryExpand
A review of telocytes in cardiovascular tissue and their role in angiogenesis
Telocytes are interstitial cells characterized by small cell bodies with very long and slender processes extending from them. They are present in most tissues and are most commonly found in closeExpand
Microscopic features of the rat adrenal gland associated with chronic codeine phosphate administration.
Codeine is an opioid analgesic and antitussive that has been widely abused. Some adverse effects noted with its abuse include adrenocortical insufficiency and activation of theExpand
Anatomical Pattern of Dorsal Metatarsal Arteries in a Black Kenyan Population
Introduction Knowledge of anatomical variations in the origin and in the course of the dorsal metatarsal arteries (DMTAs) is valuable for many procedures, including reconstructive surgeries and flapExpand
Variability in morphology and branching of the internal iliac artery: Implications for pelvic surgery
Abstract Purpose The internal iliac artery displays variations that may predispose it to inadvertent injury during pelvic surgeries. This study aimed to describe variations of the internal iliacExpand
Unusually Low Arcuate Artery in a Kenyan Cadaver
The arcuate artery is one of the two major branches of the dorsalis pedis artery that supply the dorsum of the foot including interdigital spaces. The artery’s origin varies but in almost all casesExpand