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Statistical Methods for Meta-Analysis
Preface. Introduction. Data Sets. Tests of Statistical Significance of Combined Results. Vote-Counting Methods. Estimation of a Single Effect Size: Parametric and Nonparametric Methods. ParametricExpand
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Inequalities: Theory of Majorization and Its Applications
Although they play a fundamental role in nearly all branches of mathematics, inequalities are usually obtained by ad hoc methods rather than as consequences of some underlying "theory ofExpand
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Meta-analysis of observational studies in epidemiology: a proposal for reporting. Meta-analysis Of Observational Studies in Epidemiology (MOOSE) group.
OBJECTIVE Because of the pressure for timely, informed decisions in public health and clinical practice and the explosion of information in the scientific literature, research results must beExpand
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Testing Statistical Hypotheses
This classic textbook, now available from Springer, summarizes developments in the field of hypotheses testing. Expand
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A new method for adding a parameter to a family of distributions with application to the exponential and Weibull families
SUMMARY A new way of introducing a parameter to expand a family of distributions is introduced and applied to yield a new two-parameter extension of the exponential distribution which may serve as aExpand
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Using pedometers to increase physical activity and improve health: a systematic review.
CONTEXT Without detailed evidence of their effectiveness, pedometers have recently become popular as a tool for motivating physical activity. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association of pedometer useExpand
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A Multivariate Exponential Distribution
Abstract A number of multivariate exponential distributions are known, but they have not been obtained by methods that shed light on their applicability. This paper presents some meaningfulExpand
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Improving the quality of reports of meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials: the QUOROM statement
BACKGROUND: The Quality of Reporting of Meta-analyses (QUOROM) conference was convened to address standards for improving the quality of reporting of meta-analyses of clinical randomised controlledExpand
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Families of Multivariate Distributions
Abstract For many years there has been an interest in families of bivariate distributions with marginals as parameters. Genest and MacKay (1986a,b) showed that several such families that appear inExpand
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Improving the quality of reporting of randomized controlled trials. The CONSORT statement.
THE RANDOMIZED controlled trial (RCT), more than any other methodology, can have a powerful and immediate impact on patient care. Ideally, the report of such an evaluation needs to convey to theExpand
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