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Assessing Depression in Russian Psychiatric Patients: Validity of MMPI and Rorschach
The Rorschach indexes were unrelated to all other variables, even when their affective, cognitive, and interpersonal components were analyzed separately, response styles were taken into account, or the 2 indexes were used in combination. Expand
[Clinical experience and perspectives of using asenapine in stopping acute endogenous psychosis].
Recommendations for using this medication in psychiatric practice were developed based on the results of therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of saphris as well as the high compliance of patients. Expand
5HTR2A gene polymorphism and personality traits in patients with major psychoses
In the patients an association was observed between the 2/2 5HTR2A genotype and scores on the Hypochondriasis scale (MMPI) and personality traits as well as clinical symptoms in patients with ICD-10 diagnoses of schizophrenia and affective disorders. Expand
Opening up new horizons for psychiatric genetics in the Russian Federation: moving toward a national consortium
The Russian National Consortium for Psychiatric Genetics (RNCPG) is established with the aim to strengthen the power and rigor of psychiatric genetics research in the Russian Federation and enhance the international compatibility of this research. Expand
Polymorphism in the Human Serotonin Transporter Gene in Endogenous Psychoses
The results of the analysis of the 5-HTTLPR polymorphism suggest an association of the short (s) allele of the 7/10 (VNTR-17) homozygotes with schizophrenia and schizoaffective psychoses, but not with affective disorders. Expand
[The relationship between quantitative clinical and EEG parameters in the treatment of delusional conditions in patients with attack-like schizophrenia].
OBJECTIVE To study neurophysiologic correlates of the severity of clinical conditions and to search for possible predictors of therapeutic response in attack-like schizophrenic patients withExpand
[Dynamics of clinical and biological indices of the asthenic symptom-complex during immunotropic therapy of patients with schizophrenia].
LE and a1-PI reflect the clinical and biological features of the asthenic symptom-complex which develops within the endogenous process and are the best predictor of bestim efficacy in terms of reduction ofAsthenic symptoms. Expand
[Psychopathology, typology and nosological evaluation of juvenile endogenous depressions: a clinical and follow-up study].
  • I. Oleichik
  • Medicine
  • Zhurnal nevrologii i psikhiatrii imeni S.S…
  • 2011
A complex clinical-psychopathological and follow-up study of patients with endogenous juvenile depressions of nonpsychotic level showed that specificities of depressive conditions in patients of this age and special features of their clinical manifestations were conditioned by the considerable contribution of pubertal psychobiological factors. Expand
Features of EEG Spectral Parameters in Depressive Patients with Different Efficiencies of Decision-making
We analyzed the relationships between the EEG spectral parameters in depressed patients reflecting the functional state of the brain, and the efficiency of their decision-making based on both logicExpand
Transcranial magnetic stimulation in combined treatment of pharmacoresistant depression: Dynamics of clinical, psychological, and EEG parameters
TMS was assumed to provide a promising nondrug method to treat the clinical conditions and symptoms of depression and to correct the functional state of the brain in depressive patients and can be employed in combined treatment of pharmacoresistant depression. Expand