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Optical Ring Cavity Search for Axion Dark Matter.
We propose a novel experiment to search for axion dark matter that differentiates the phase velocities of the left- and right-handed polarized photons. Our optical cavity measures the difference ofExpand
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Non-sphericity of ultra-light axion dark matter halos in the Galactic dwarf spheroidal galaxies
Ultralight-axion (ULA) dark matter is one of the possible solutions to resolve small-scale problems, especially the core-cusp problem. This is because ULA dark matter can create a central solitonExpand
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Mixed Non-Gaussianity from Axion-Gauge Field Dynamics
We study scalar-tensor-tensor cross correlation $\langle \zeta hh \rangle$ generated by the dynamics of interacting axion and SU(2) gauge fields during inflation. We quantize the quadratic action andExpand
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Chiral primordial gravitational waves from dilaton induced delayed chromonatural inflation
We study inflation driven by a dilaton and an axion, both of which are coupled to a SU(2) gauge field. We find that the inflation driven by the dilaton occurs in the early stage of inflation duringExpand
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Oscillating Chiral Tensor Spectrum from Axionic Inflation
We study the axionic inflation with a modulated potential and examine if the primordial tensor power spectrum exhibits oscillatory feature, which is testable with future space-based gravitationalExpand
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Improved sensitivity of interferometric gravitational wave detectors to ultralight vector dark matter from the finite light-traveling time
Recently several studies have pointed out that gravitational-wave detectors are sensitive to ultralight vector dark matter and can improve the current best constraints given by the EquivalenceExpand