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Variation in phytoplankton composition and limnological features in a water-water ecotone of the Lower Paraná Basin (Argentina)
The study site is located on the left margin of the Paraná River (33° 15' S; 60° 30' W). In this work, we provide information of a spatial gradient. between the main channel and a shallow lakeExpand
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Stress and hypertension.
Stress can cause hypertension through repeated blood pressure elevations as well as by stimulation of the nervous system to produce large amounts of vasoconstricting hormones that increase bloodExpand
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Factors affecting the structure and maintenance of phytoplankton functional groups in a nutrient rich lowland river
The phytoplankton structure along the mainstem of the Lower Salado River (Argentina) was analysed in relation to the environmental variables and the influence exerted by the inflowing waters from theExpand
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Microbial planktonic communities of freshwater environments from Tierra del Fuego: dominant trophic strategies in lakes with contrasting features
We analysed the structure of the microbial plankton communities of different typesof freshwater environments from the southernmost region of South America (Tierradel Fuego). Water bodies were groupedExpand
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Phytoplankton ecology of the Lower Paranà River (Argentina)
Phytoplankton of the Lower Parana River was studied bimonthly from April 1 993 to April 1 994 at six stations along 400-km length. Fluctuations in the physical and chemical variables are analysed inExpand
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Cross-channel and vertical variation in diversity and abundance of phytoplankton in the Lower Paraná River, Argentina
The vertical and cross-channel distribution of phytoplankton and some en­ vironmental parameters from two sites of the Lower Parana River with heterogeneous channel morphology (San Nicolas and SanExpand
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The sudestadas: a hydro-meteorological phenomenon that affects river pollution (River Luján, South America)
Abstract The “sudestadas” are short-term hydro-meteorological phenomena that produce a “hydraulic plug”, preventing the normal drainage of the water courses in the Río de la Plata Estuary. TheExpand
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Influence of free floating plants on the structure of a natural phytoplankton assemblage: an experimental approach
The influence of free-floating plants on the structure of natural phytoplankton was assessed using field mesocosms. Poor underwater light climate (natural macrophyte cover and dark mesh treatments)Expand
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Which environmental factors trigger the dominance of phytoplankton species across a moisture gradient of shallow lakes?
We investigated nine Pampean shallow lakes (Argentina) across a moisture gradient (mean annual precipitation 1,000–500 mm), under the framework of a network project of lake monitoring whose mainExpand
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Characteristics of small areas with high rates of hospital-treated self-harm: deprived, fragmented and urban or just close to hospital? A national registry study
Background Previous research has shown an inconsistent relationship between the spatial distribution of hospital treated self-harm and area-level factors such as deprivation and social fragmentation.Expand
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