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Gibbs free energy of formation of chlordecone and potential degradation products: implications for remediation strategies and environmental fate.
The results indicate that there are no thermodynamic reasons why chlordecone-respiring or -fermenting organisms should not exist and their Gibbs free energy and redox potential are calculated. Expand
Mechanical, sorption and adhesive properties of composites based on low density polyethylene filled with date palm wood powder
Abstract Low density polyethylene (LDPE) was blended with date palm wood powder (DPW) to prepare composites with concentrations of filler ranging from 10 to 70 wt.%. The Younǵs modulus of theExpand
Electronic structure of terpenoids.
Electrically and thermally conductive polyethylene/graphite composites and their mechanical properties
Abstract Electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and ultimate mechanical properties, namely elongation at break and stress at break of low and high density polyethylene/graphite composites wereExpand
Investigation of the correlation between electrical conductivity and elongation at break in polyurethane-based adhesives
Electrical conductivity and elongation at break of polyurethane (PU) filled with two different grades of graphite, Ag-coated basalt particles and fibres were investigated in this paper. PercolationExpand
Hydrodynamics without boosts.
We construct the general first-order hydrodynamic theory invariant under time translations, the Euclidean group of spatial transformations and preserving particle number, that is with symmetry groupExpand
Polysaccharides Coatings on Medical-Grade PVC: A Probe into Surface Characteristics and the Extent of Bacterial Adhesion
In vitro bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation assays indicated that a single chitosan layer was incapable of hindering the adhesion of a Staphylococcus aureus bacterial strain, while up to 30% reduction was achieved by the chitOSan/pectin layered assembly. Expand
Effect of aspect ratio on thermal conductivity of high density polyethylene/multi-walled carbon nanotubes nanocomposites
Abstract This study aims to investigate experimentally the effects of aspect ratio (length/diameter ratio) and concentration of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) on thermal properties of highExpand
The mechanical and adhesive properties of electrically and thermally conductive polymeric composites based on high density polyethylene filled with nickel powder
Abstract Electrically and thermally conductive composites made using high density polyethylene (HDPE) matrix blended with a special grade of branch-structured nickel particles were studied.Expand
UV angle-resolved photoelectron spectra of mixed methylene dihalides using synchrotron radiation
Abstract Photoelectron spectra for the dihalomethanes CH2BrCl, CH2ClI and CH2Br2 have been recorded with photons in the energy range 19–115 eV using Daresbury Laboratory Synchroton Radiation Source.Expand