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A Dynamic Theory of Organizational Knowledge Creation
This paper proposes a paradigm for managing the dynamic aspects of organizational knowledge creating processes. Its central theme is that organizational knowledge is created through a continuousExpand
The Knowledge-Creating Company: How
A multi-feed circular knitting machine for producing high pile fabric has spaced around its needle cylinder card stations at each of which is a card unit having at least one cylindrical driven cardExpand
SECI, Ba and Leadership: a Unified Model of Dynamic Knowledge Creation
Abstract Despite the widely recognised importance of knowledge as a vital source of competitive advantage, there is little understanding of how organisations actually create and manage knowledgeExpand
The Concept of “Ba”: Building a Foundation for Knowledge Creation
This article introduces the Japanese concept of "Ba" to organizational theory. Ba (equivalent to "place" in English) is a shared space for emerging relationships. It can be a physical, virtual, orExpand
How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation
Japanese companies have become successful because of their skill and expertise at creating organizational knowledge. Organizational knowledge is not only the creation of new knowledge, but alsoExpand
The knowledge-creating theory revisited: knowledge creation as a synthesizing process
This paper revisits the theory of knowledge creation through the SECI process and ba, and tries to advance them further by incorporating the dialectic thinking. Expand
A firm as a knowledge-creating entity: a new perspective on the theory of the firm
The knowledge-based view of the firm views a firm as a knowledge-creating entity, and argues that knowledge and the capability to create and utilize such knowledge are the most important source of aExpand
Organizational Knowledge Creation Theory: Evolutionary Paths and Future Advances
Organizational knowledge creation is the process of making available and amplifying knowledge created by individuals as well as crystallizing and connecting it to an organization's knowledge system.Expand
Enabling Knowledge Creation