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RoboCup: The Robot World Cup Initiative
The Robot World Cup Initiative (R, oboCup) is attempt to foster AI and intelligent rohoties research by providing a standard problem where wide range of technologies especially concerning multi-agentExpand
RoboCup: A Challenge Problem for AI
Technical challenges involved in RoboCup, rules, and the simulation environment are described, including design principles of autonomous agents, multiagent collaboration, strategy acquisition, real-time reasoning, robotics, and sensor fusion. Expand
Soccer Server: A Tool for Research on Multiagent Systems
The potential of Soccer Server is demonstrated by reporting an experiment that uses the system to compare the performance of a neural network architecture and a decision tree algorithm at learning the selection of soccer play plans. Expand
RoboCup Rescue: search and rescue in large-scale disasters as a domain for autonomous agents research
Detailed analysis on the task domain is presented and characteristics necessary for multi-agent systems for this domain are elucidated. Expand
Soccer Server: a simulator of RoboCup
Soccer Server is a simulator of RoboCup. Soccer Server provides an environment to confront two teams of players that are controlled by various types of systems with each other. Each system connectsExpand
RoboCup: A Challenge Problem for AI and Robotics
Technical challenges involved in RoboCup, rules, and simulation environment are described and a software platform for research on the software aspects of RoboCups is offered. Expand
The RoboCup Synthetic Agent Challenge 97
This paper presents three specific challenges for the next two years of RoboCup Challenge: learning of individual agents and teams; multi-agent team planning and plan-execution in service of teamwork; and opponent modeling. Expand
The RoboCup-Rescue project: a robotic approach to the disaster mitigation problem
This paper introduces the RoboCup-Rescue Simulation Project, a contribution to the disaster mitigation, search and rescue problem, a comprehensive urban disaster simulator constructed on distributed computers that provides a virtual reality training function for the public. Expand
RoboCup: Today and Tomorrow - What we have learned
What has been learned from the past RoboCup activities is described, the current leagues are introduced and the research achievements are reviewed from a viewpoint of system architecture, and prospects for future activities are discussed. Expand
RoboCup: Robot World Cup
In an attempt to promote artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics research, RoboCup (Robot World Cup) was organized to provide a common environment for the evaluation of various theories,Expand