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The Principia : Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
In his monumental 1687 work "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica", known familiarly as the "Principia", Isaac Newton laid out in mathematical terms the principles of time, force, and motionExpand
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The mathematical papers of Isaac Newton
This is a complete edition in eight volumes of all the known mathematical papers of Isaac Newton - edited, annotated and translated by D. T. Whiteside. Papers originally in Latin are provided withExpand
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Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy and his System of the World
translated into English by Andrew Motte in 1729 the translations revised, and supplied with an historical and explanatory appendix, by Florian Cajori.
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The optical papers of Isaac Newton
List of plates Preface Editorial note Abbreviated references Introduction Synopsis of the Lectiones opticae and Optica and their major differences Concordance of article numbers Lectiones opitcae:Expand
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On the Consistent Histories Approach to Quantum Mechanics
We review the consistent histories formulations of quantum mechanics developed by Griffiths, Omnès and Gell-Mann and Hartle, and describe the classification of consistent sets. We illustrate someExpand
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Certain Philosophical Questions: Newton's Trinity Notebook
Preface Part I. Commentary: Introduction 1. Infinity, indivisibilism, and the void 2. The Cartesian influence 3. Newton on projectile motion and the void 4. Physiology and Hobbesian epistemology 5.Expand
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The mathematical works of Isaac Newton
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