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Anomaly Detection and Attribution in Networks With Temporally Correlated Traffic
Anomaly detection in communication networks is the first step in the challenging task of securing a network, as anomalies may indicate suspicious behaviors, attacks, network malfunctions, orExpand
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Optimal Information-Theoretic Wireless Location Verification
We develop a new location verification system (LVS) focused on network-based intelligent transport systems (ITSs) and vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs). The system that we develop is based on anExpand
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Location Verification Systems Under Spatially Correlated Shadowing
The verification of the location information utilized in wireless communication networks is a subject of growing importance. In this work, we formally analyze, for the first time, the performance ofExpand
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Location Verification Systems for VANETs in Rician Fading Channels
In this paper, we propose and examine location verification systems (LVSs) for vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) in the realistic setting of Rician fading channels. In our LVSs, a single authorizedExpand
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Distributed Detection in Sensor Networks Over Fading Channels With Multiple Antennas at the Fusion Centre
We develop new and optimal algorithms for distributed detection in sensor networks over fading channels with multiple receive antennas at the Fusion Centre (FC). Sensors observe a hidden physicalExpand
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Random Field Reconstruction With Quantization in Wireless Sensor Networks
We develop new and novel algorithms for spatial field reconstruction and spatial exceedance level estimation. We consider spatial physical phenomena which are partially observed by a wireless sensorExpand
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Geo-Spatial Location Spoofing Detection for Internet of Things
We develop a new location spoofing detection algorithm for geo-spatial tagging and location-based services in the Internet of Things (IoT), called enhanced location spoofing detection usingExpand
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Joint Channel Tracking and Decoding for BICM–OFDM Systems Using Consistency Tests and Adaptive Detection Selection
  • I. Nevat, J. Yuan
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
  • 24 March 2009
This paper presents an iterative channel tracking and symbol decoding for combined bit-interleaved coded modulation (BICM) and orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) systems overExpand
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Geo-Spatial Location Estimation for Internet of Things (IoT) Networks With One-Way Time-of-Arrival via Stochastic Censoring
We develop new algorithms for geo-spatial location estimation for Internet of Things (IoT) networks by utilizing a one way time of arrival (OW-TOA) approach. We first demonstrate the limitations ofExpand
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An information theoretic Location Verification System for wireless networks
As location-based applications become ubiquitous in emerging wireless networks, a reliable Location Verification System (LVS) will be of growing importance. In this paper we propose, for the firstExpand
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