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Uses Of The Other: "The East" in European Identity Formation
Examines identity politics in the context of international relations. The field of international relations has recently witnessed a tremendous growth of interest in the theme of identity and itsExpand
Returning Practice to the Linguistic Turn: The Case of Diplomacy
The linguistic turn in the social sciences has been fruitful in directing attention towards the preconditions for action, as well as those actions understood as speech acts. However, to the extentExpand
Governance to Governmentality: Analyzing NGOs, States, and Power
Studies of global governance typically claim that the state has lost power to nonstate actors and that political authority is increasingly institutionalized in spheres not controlled by states. InExpand
Self and Other in International Relations
The study of identity offers a possibility to theorize on the human collectives of world politics, to give them an ontological status, and to discuss how they are constituted and maintain themselves.Expand
Uses Of The Other
From Alliance to Security Community: NATO, Russia, and the Power of Identity
The evolution of NATO constitutes one of the most important developments in post-Cold War international security. Despite predictions of fragmentation from within or supercession from above, theExpand
A region-building approach to Northern Europe *
This article argues the case for a new approach to the analysis of regions. It highlights how a region is constantly being defined and redefined by its members in a permanent discourse with eachExpand
Undertaking Discourse Analysis for Social Research
Kevin C. Dunn and Iver B. Neumann offer a concise, accessible introduction to discourse analysis in the social sciences. A vital resource for students and scholars alike, Undertaking DiscourseExpand
To Be a Diplomat
How do diplomats experience the world? Drawing mainly on fieldwork in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I argue that being a diplomat involves juggling three scripts of self against oneExpand