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[Prevalence of smoking and second-hand smoke exposure: differences between Spanish and immigrant pregnant women].
OBJECTIVES To identify differences in the prevalence of smoking and second-hand smoke exposure between Spanish and immigrant pregnant women, as well as the factors associated with continued smokingExpand
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[Evolution of anxiety during the smoking cessation process at a Smoking Cessation Clinic].
OBJECTIVE To assess the evolution of anxiety during the smoking cessation process (3 months) and early smoking relapse, in a group of smokers seeking treatment for giving up smoking. METHODExpand
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Consumo de tabaco en estudiantes de sexto curso de medicina de España
Objetivo: Realizar un analisis descriptivo en los estudiantes de sexto curso de medicina espanoles respecto al consumo de tabaco. Material y metodos: Estudio descriptivo transversal cuya poblacionExpand
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Maternal active smoking and newborn body composition.
OBJECTIVE Maternal smoking during pregnancy is associated with a reduction in birth size but very few studies have collated changes in neonatal anthropometry. Our aims were both to assess bodyExpand
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Prevalencia de tabaquismo y exposición al humo ambiental de tabaco en las mujeres embarazadas: diferencias entre españolas e inmigrantes
Objetivos: Conocer las diferencias que hay entre las mujeres embarazadas espanolas e inmigrantes en la prevalencia de tabaquismo y la exposicion al humo ambiental de tabaco, asi como los factoresExpand
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[Smoking habits among sixth-year medical students in Spain].
OBJECTIVE To describe and analyze the smoking habits of sixth-year Spanish medical students. MATERIAL AND METHODS The target population of this descriptive cross-sectional study was studentsExpand
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Factores predictores de éxito a los 6 meses en fumadores tratados en una unidad de tabaquismo
Objetivo Analizar los factores predictores del exito de un programa de deshabituacion tabaquica a los 6 meses de seguimiento. Material Y Metodo Se ha realizado un estudio analitico transversal en unaExpand
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[Evaluation of the influence of medical education on the smoking attitudes of future doctors].
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether medical education influences the prevalence, awareness of, and attitudes to smoking of medical students in the first 3 years of their degree. MATERIAL AND METHODS InExpand
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A proactive smoking cessation intervention in postpartum women.
OBJECTIVE to analyse the efficacy of a proactive intervention during the postpartum period to prevent a relapse in recent quitters and to promote progress in the behavioural process of change inExpand
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Atmospheric pressure solid analysis probe coupled to quadrupole-time of flight mass spectrometry as a tool for screening and semi-quantitative approach of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons,
A new screening and semi-quantitative approach has been developed for direct analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and their nitro and oxo derivatives in environmental and biologicalExpand
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