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Processing of low-probability sounds by cortical neurons
The ability to detect rare auditory events can be critical for survival. We report here that neurons in cat primary auditory cortex (A1) responded more strongly to a rarely presented sound than toExpand
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Multiple Time Scales of Adaptation in Auditory Cortex Neurons
Neurons in primary auditory cortex (A1) of cats show strong stimulus-specific adaptation (SSA). In probabilistic settings, in which one stimulus is common and another is rare, responses to commonExpand
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Modeling the auditory scene: predictive regularity representations and perceptual objects
Predictive processing of information is essential for goal-directed behavior. We offer an account of auditory perception suggesting that representations of predictable patterns, or 'regularities',Expand
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Physiological and anatomical evidence for multisensory interactions in auditory cortex.
Recent studies, conducted almost exclusively in primates, have shown that several cortical areas usually associated with modality-specific sensory processing are subject to influences from otherExpand
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Transient Induced Gamma-Band Response in EEG as a Manifestation of Miniature Saccades
The induced gamma-band EEG response (iGBR) recorded on the scalp is widely assumed to reflect synchronous neural oscillation associated with object representation, attention, memory, andExpand
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Functional organization and population dynamics in the mouse primary auditory cortex
Cortical processing of auditory stimuli involves large populations of neurons with distinct individual response profiles. However, the functional organization and dynamics of local populations in theExpand
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Stimulus-Specific Adaptation in the Auditory Thalamus of the Anesthetized Rat
The specific adaptation of neuronal responses to a repeated stimulus (Stimulus-specific adaptation, SSA), which does not fully generalize to other stimuli, provides a mechanism for emphasizing rareExpand
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Stimulus-Specific Adaptation and Deviance Detection in the Rat Auditory Cortex
Stimulus-specific adaptation (SSA) is the specific decrease in the response to a frequent (‘standard’) stimulus, which does not generalize, or generalizes only partially, to another, rare stimulusExpand
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Functional organization of ferret auditory cortex.
We characterized the functional organization of different fields within the auditory cortex of anaesthetized ferrets. As previously reported, the primary auditory cortex, A1, and the anteriorExpand
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Responses of auditory-cortex neurons to structural features of natural sounds
We show that for many non-animal sounds and background mixtures of animal sounds, energy in different frequency bands is coherently modulated. Expand
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