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Heterogeneity of Date Fruits
  • I. Nada
  • Chemistry
  • 1 March 1955
WHEN I was washing a population of date fruits collected from one and the same palm tree, variety “Hayyani”, I noticed that some fruits floated to the surface of the water while others sank to the
A Substitute for ‘Annatto’ in Butter
BUTTER—especially that prepared from buffalo milk-is usually artificially coloured to make it look like that afforded by well-known dairy breeds of cows (such as the Jerseys). Many colouring matters
Effect of Sodium Chloride on Softening and Carbohydrate Changes of Date Fruits
USUALLY Egyptians prefer to consume the date fruits when they are soft (ripe). This softening is either reached normally when the fruits are still on the tree, or it may be hastened by pretreatment