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[Diadenosine oligophosphates: metabolic pathways and role in regulating the functional activity of cells].
Recent data on the content and biological role of diadenosine oligophosphates in procaryotic and eucaryotic cells, animal tissues and organs are reviewed. The specific ways of their synthesis andExpand
Ultra-low dose beta-irradiation induces constriction of rabbit carotid arteries via the endothelium
Purpose: To investigate the action of ultra-low dose beta-radiation (ULDBR) on isolated segments of blood vessels. Materials and methods: We used the pharmacological model of isolated rabbit carotidExpand
[Sodium azide as indirect nitric oxide donor: researches on the rat aorta isolated segments].
A comparative investigations of heme-containing enzymes inhibitors NaN3 and NaCN effects on the rat aorta isolated segments tone has shown that NaN3 in the range of very low concentrations fromExpand
[Effects of dephosphorylated core of 2',5'-oligoadenylate (2',5'-ApApA) on the electric activity of snail neurons].
On nervous ganglion of snail Helix pomatia was shown the effect of dephosphorylated core of 2',5'-oligoadenylate (2',5'-ApApA) on pacemaker electrical activity of RPa2 snail neurons. In experiments,Expand
[The effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents on erythrocyte osmotic resistance].
  • I. N. Iakovenko
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  • Biulleten' eksperimental'noi biologii i meditsiny
  • 1993
Effects of voltaren, surgam and isamben on erythrocyte membrane were studied. Voltaren and suggam, in dmM concentrations were to decrease, but in mM concentrations to increased hypotonic erythrocyteExpand
Zeta potential response of human erythrocyte membranes to the modulators of Gardos channel activity under low rate β-radiation.
OBJECTIVE Study of human erythrocyte DP response under modification by activators and blockers of the functional state of Ca2+-dependent K+ channels under low rate β-radiation. MATERIALS ANDExpand
The osmotic resistance, and zeta potential responses of human erythrocytes to transmembrane modification of Ca2+ fluxes in the presence of the imposed low rate radiation field of 90Sr
Abstract Purpose: To investigate the effects of the imposed low dose rate ionizing field on membrane stability of human erythrocytes under modulation of transmembrane exchange of Ca2+. Materials andExpand
[Methods of isolating serum lipoproteins].
The methods of serum lipoproteins separation are considered. Advantages and faults of ultracentrifugation, electrophoresis, precipitation, gel chromatography, immune-specific and filtration methodsExpand
[Participation of proteinkinase CK2 in regulation of human erythrocytes plasma membrane redox system activity: relative contribution of ca(2+)-dependent and ca(2+)-independent mechanisms of its
Involvement of protein kinase CK2 ( in modulation of live cells trans-plasma membrane electron transport was first discovered. Using human erythrocytes a decrease of plasma membrane redoxExpand