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Two-Dimensional Nematic Colloidal Crystals Self-Assembled by Topological Defects
It is shown that colloidal particles confined to a few-micrometer-thick layer of a nematic liquid crystal form two-dimensional crystal structures that are bound by topological defects.
3D microlasers from self-assembled cholesteric liquid-crystal microdroplets.
A tunable and omnidirectional microlaser in the form of a microdroplet of a dye-doped, cholesteric liquid crystal in a carrier fluid is demonstrated.
Entangled nematic colloidal dimers and wires.
It is shown experimentally and theoretically that colloidal dimers and 1D structures bound by entangled topological defect loops can indeed be created by locally thermally quenching a thin layer of the nematic liquid crystal around selected colloidal particles.
The Physics of Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Symmetry and ferroelectricity in liquid crystals incommensurate liquid crystals the classical Landau model of ferroelectric liquid crystals ferroelectric liquid crystals in external electric and
Reconfigurable Knots and Links in Chiral Nematic Colloids
The knotting of microscopic topological defect lines in chiral nematic liquid-crystal colloids are demonstrated by using laser tweezers as a micromanipulation tool, demonstrating how relevant the topology can be for the material engineering of soft matter.
Birefringence and tilt angle in the antiferroelectric, ferroelectric, and intermediate phases of chiral smectic liquid crystals
Using a high resolution optical polarimeter, we have measured the temperature dependence of the birefringence and optical rotation in chiral smectic liquid crystals that exhibit antiferroelectric,
Theoretical and experimental study of the nanoparticle-driven blue phase stabilisation
These calculations suggest that the DCR mechanism is efficient if a local NP environment resembles the core structure of disclinations, which represent the characteristic property of BP structures, in line with high-resolution ac calorimetry and optical polarising microscopy experiments.
Colloidal entanglement in highly twisted chiral nematic colloids: twisted loops, Hopf links, and trefoil knots.
Colloidal entanglement is even richer with a higher number of colloidal particles, where it is observed that colloidal dimers and colloidal clusters are always entangled by one or several -1/2 defect loops.
Capillary condensation of a nematic liquid crystal observed by force spectroscopy.
Capillary condensation in nanometer-thin films of nematic liquid crystals using force spectroscopy was observed and the critical point, terminating the first-order confined isotropic-nematic transition line, was determined for the first time.