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The Political Economy of the American Frontier
1. Introduction Part I. The Origins of Property Institutions: 2. A theory of claim clubs 3. From spontaneous order to conscious choice: claim clubs on the frontier 4. Bandits within the state: an
Wealth-destroying states
According to the contract theory of the state, individuals give up their freedom to a specialist in violence who then provides public goods, such as private property rights and collective defense.
The origins of private property rights: states or customary organizations?
Abstract Political theories of property rights are less optimistic than self-governance perspectives regarding the ability of non-state organizations to supply private property institutions. Despite
The political economy of legal titling
The libertarian case for legal titling is that formalization of the economic (de facto) rights of those who own land and buildings improves prospects for capitalism and, ultimately, development.
Can Governments Deal with Pandemics?
While few economists dispute that governments should have some role in dealing with pandemics, the relevant institutional question is whether governments can deal with pandemics. In this article, we
Arms and the University: Military Presence and the Civic Education of Non-Military Students
Part I. A Normative and Pedagogical Framework: 1. The closing of the university mind: the military/university gap and the problem of civic and liberal education 2. Education in the regime: how a
Blockchain Networks as Constitutional and Competitive Polycentric Orders
By studying two leading networks, Bitcoin and Ethereum, this work illustrates how conceptualizing blockchains as competing and constitutional polycentric enterprises clarifies their processes of change.
Does the sequence of land reform and political reform matter? Evidence from state-building in Afghanistan
Abstract Property insecurity is associated with terrorism, insurgency and economic underdevelopment. For this reason, land reform is often implemented alongside political reform in post-conflict