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Banisteriopsis caapi, a unique combination of MAO inhibitory and antioxidative constituents for the activities relevant to neurodegenerative disorders and Parkinson's disease.
AIM OF THE STUDY Parkinson's disease is a neurological disorder mostly effecting the elder population of the world. Currently there is no definitive treatment or cure for this disease. Therefore, inExpand
Antimycobacterial constituents from Juniperus procera, Ferula communis and Plumbago zeylanica and their in vitro synergistic activity with isonicotinic acid hydrazide
The synergistic activity of antimycobacterial constituents from Saudi plants was evaluated in combination with isonicotinic acid hydrazide (INH) against four atypical organisms, namely, MycobacteriumExpand
Bioactive 12-oleanene triterpene and secotriterpene acids from Maytenus undata.
The aerial parts of Maytenus undata yielded four new 12-oleanene and 3,4-seco-12-oleanene triterpene acids, namely, 3-oxo-11alpha-methoxyolean-12-ene-30-oic acid (1),Expand
New alkamides from maca (Lepidium meyenii).
Maca (Lepidium meyenii) has been used as a food in Peru for thousands of years. More recently a wide array of commercial maca products have gained popularity as dietary supplements, with claims ofExpand
Antimalarial, cytotoxic, and antifungal alkaloids from Duguetia hadrantha.
Bioassay-guided isolation of Duguetia hadrantha yielded two new 4,5-dioxo-1-azaaporphinoids, hadranthine A (1) and hadranthine B (2), together with the known alkaloids imbiline-1 (3), sampangine (4),Expand
Chemical profiling and standardization of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography.
Lepidium meyenii (Maca) is one of the few plants that can be cultivated in the harsh climate of the Andes. Its nutritious hypocotyl is traditionally used as food and medicine, and Maca products areExpand
Antiparasitic alkaloids from Psychotria klugii.
Psychotria klugii yielded two new benzoquinolizidine alkaloids, klugine (1) and 7'-O-demethylisocephaeline (2), together with the previously known cephaeline (3), isocephaeline (4), andExpand
New constituents from noni (Morinda citrifolia) fruit juice.
Morinda citrifolia L. (Rubiaceae), known as noni, has a long history of traditional use in the Hawaiian and Tahitian islands. More recently, an array of commercial noni fruit juice products areExpand
A new antimalarial quassinoid from Simaba orinocensis.
A new antimalarial quassinoid, namely, orinocinolide (1), was isolated from the root bark of Simaba orinocensis, together with the previously reported simalikalactone D (2). The structure of 1 wasExpand
Phytochemical, Antimicrobial and Antiplasmodial Investigations of Terminalia brownii
Phytochemical investigation of the ethyl acetate-soluble fraction of stem bark extract of an African medicinal plant Terminalia brownii led to the isolation of a new oleanane-type triterpenoid, alongExpand