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Moduli of curves
Parameter spaces: constructions and examples * Basic facts about moduli spaces of curves * Techniques * Construction of M_g * Limit Linear Series and the Brill-Noether Theory * Geometry of moduliExpand
Towards the ample cone of \overline{}_{,}
In this paper we study the ample cone of the moduli space $\mgn$ of stable $n$-pointed curves of genus $g$. Our motivating conjecture is that a divisor on $\mgn$ is ample iff it has positiveExpand
Boundary-to-bulk maps for AdS causal wedges and the Reeh-Schlieder property in holography
A bstractIn order to better understand how AdS holography works for sub-regions, we formulate a holographic version of the Reeh-Schlieder theorem for the simple case of an AdS Klein-Gordon field.Expand
On four-dimensional terminal quotient singularities
We report on an investigation of four-dimensional terminal cyclic quotient singularities which are not Gorenstein. (For simplicity, we focus on quotients by cyclic groups of prime order.) AnExpand
The Moment of Inertia of the Binary Pulsar J0737–3039A: Constraining the Nuclear Equation of State
We construct numerical models of the newly discovered binary pulsar J0737-3039A, both with a fully relativistic, uniformly rotating equilibrium code that handles arbitrary spins and in theExpand
On the Equivalence between Euclidean and In-In Formalisms in de Sitter QFT
We study the relation between two sets of correlators in interacting quantum eld theory on de Sitter space. The rst are correlators computed using in-in perturbation theory in the expandingExpand
Mutual information between thermo-field doubles and disconnected holographic boundaries
A bstractWe use mutual information as a measure of the entanglement between ‘physical’ and thermo-field double degrees of freedom in field theories at finite temperature. We compute thisExpand
Standard Bases and Geometric Invariant Theory I. Initial Ideals and State Polytopes
We characterise the set of monomial ideals that can occur as the initial ideals of a given homogeneous ideal Q in a polynomial ring, as one varies the monomial order used within a fixed coordinateExpand