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Taxonomy-Based Risk Identification
Abstract : This report describes a method for facilitating the systematic and repeatable identification of risks associated with the development of a software-dependent project. This method, derivedExpand
Studying conceptual change in learning physics
There is often a severe problem of lack of communication between teacher and pupils. When two people communicate, what passes between them are the words and gestures they use to attempt to conveyExpand
Shared memory in design: A unifying theme for research and practice
This paper presents a new unifying theme for design theory by emphasizing the importance of context, and introduces and elaborate the concept of shared memory as the embodiment both of context and of shared meaning. Expand
Boundary Objects and Prototypes at the Interfaces of Engineering Design
It is argued that changes in market forces andother factors leading to changes inorganizational structures often lead to erosion of common understanding of representations andprototypes, above all at the interfaces, and this requires the synthesis of new commongrounds to accommodate the needs of new interfaces. Expand
Software engineering as seen through its research literature: a study in co-word analysis
This empirical research demonstrates the effectiveness of content analysis to map the research literature of the software engineering discipline. The results suggest that certain research themes inExpand
Varieties and issues of participation and design
Abstract Participatory design is the antithesis of traditional design in which designers are expected to exhibit their expertise. The right to participate in design is often ignored and even when itExpand
Automatic indexing using selective NLP and first-order thesauri
In an evaluation comparing CLARIT automatic indexing of ten full-text articles in the domain of artificial intelligence to theindexing of two human subjects, it was found thatCLARIT performed as well---and in some respects better---than the humans. Expand
Mapping Vocabularies Using Latent Semantics
Individual users of medical language manifest great variation in the expression of concepts and have difficulty in selecting appropriate terminology when confronted with systems that rely onExpand
Evaluating the Effects of Architectural Documentation: A Case Study of a Large Scale Open Source Project
Analysis of the effects of introducing architectural documentation into a substantial open source project-the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) finds that those on the periphery of the project-newcomers and adopters-still require explicit architecture documentation, as it appears. Expand