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Uses and Misuses of Bronfenbrenner's Bioecological Theory of Human Development
This paper evaluates the application of Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological theory as it is represented in empirical work on families and their relationships. We describe the ‘‘mature’’ form ofExpand
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Parental ADHD Symptomology and Ineffective Parenting: The Connecting Link of Home Chaos
SYNOPSIS Objective. This study examines links between maternal and paternal attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms and parenting practices that require inhibition of impulses,Expand
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The role of household chaos in understanding relations between early poverty and children's academic achievement.
The following prospective longitudinal study used an epidemiological sample (N = 1,236) to consider the potential mediating role of early cumulative household chaos (6-58 months) on associationsExpand
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Parents’ understanding of gratitude in children: A thematic analysis
Abstract Current definitions of gratitude are based primarily on research with adults about their own experiences of gratitude, yet what children are grateful for, and how they understand,Expand
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Grateful parents raising grateful children: Niche selection and the socialization of child gratitude
ABSTRACT Given that children’s exposure to gratitude-related activities may be one way that parents can socialize gratitude in their children, we examined whether parents’ niche selection (i.e.,Expand
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Classroom Quality at Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten and Children's Social Skills and Behavior Problems.
Focusing on the continuity in the quality of classroom environments as children transition from preschool into elementary school, this study examined the associations between classroom quality inExpand
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The role of persistence at preschool age in academic skills at kindergarten
The current study examined the role of preschoolers’ motivation, operationalized as persistence, in the formation of language and math skills at kindergarten. The participants were 263 children fromExpand
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Child care instability from 6 to 36 months and the social adjustment of children in prekindergarten
Most children in the United States experience nonparental child care during early childhood, and many children experience changes in their care during this period. Changes in care, or child careExpand
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Placental CpG methylation of HPA-axis genes is associated with cognitive impairment at age 10 among children born extremely preterm
HIGHLIGHTSPlacental CpG methylation in relation to cognition at age 10 was evaluated.Ten HPA axis‐associated genes were associated with cognitive function.The transcriptional regulator MECP2 wasExpand
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