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Protection systems in distribution grids with variable short-circuit conditions
This paper investigates the protection system of a German 20kV distribution grid in terms of fault clearing times for volatile short-circuit conditions. For this purpose, an automated protectionExpand
Observation of Equilibrium, Nanometer-Sized Clusters of Silver Iodide in Aqueous Solutions
Thermodynamically stable clusters containing up to 10 or more silver iodide pairs have been observed in aqueous electrolyte solutions using ultracentrifugation and cryoelectron microscopy. TheseExpand
A reliable maintenance and investment strategy is strongly dependent on the determination of the electrical equipment’s condition and is therefore directly connected to characteristic parametersExpand
Determination of the characteristic life time of paper-insulated MV-cables based on a partial discharge and tan(δ) diagnosis
Monitoring the condition of electrical equipment insulation by means of partial discharge measurement and analysis is an effective diagnostic tool for the prediction of service failures. In thisExpand
ICAAS — Integrated system for lasting accelerated aging of MV cables, data monitoring and acquisition
A reliable knowledge of the network components condition is of primary importance for creating an optimal investment and maintenance plan for electrical distribution networks. A commonly used toolExpand
Determination of the environmental conditions for the accelerated ageing of MV-PILC cables
The accelerated artificial ageing of dielectric materials requires a specially designed laboratory setup and well defined environmental and technical conditions in order to obtain a suitable andExpand
Artificial aging and diagnostic measurements on medium-voltage, paper-insulated, lead-covered cables
Present and future condition-based maintenance methods and preventive maintenance strategies will require knowledge of the present condition of the equipment. For cable networks in gen eral, and forExpand
Dependencies of the PD- and tan(δ)-characteristics on the temperature and ageing status of MV PILC cables
Diagnostic tools and methods for the state evaluation of MV (medium voltage) and HV (high voltage) power cables are mostly based on single key parameters like the partial discharge (PD) levelsExpand
Impact of meshed grid topologies on distribution grid planning and operation
Due to the high penetration of distributed power generation, many German medium voltage distribution grids are reaching their capacity limits. Meshed grid topology such as “closed loop”operation andExpand
Development of the partial discharges inception voltage for different sets of pre-aged PILC cable samples
Diagnostics and the rest life time estimation of the electrical equipment play an important role in the power network investment and maintenance planning. In order to develop a reliable correlationExpand