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Tracheostomy in children: A population‐based experience over 17 years
Tracheostomy is a lifesaving intervention with numerous complications and should not be ignored, according to the World Health Organization. Expand
Patients' opinions on privacy, consent and the disclosure of health information for medical research.
A structured survey of patients in three illness groups (acquired immune deficiency syndrome, multiple sclerosis and mental disorders) was undertaken to describe patients' perspectives on privacy,Expand
Citizen intervention in a religious ban on in-school HPV vaccine administration in Calgary, Canada.
A successful health campaign that may serve as a model for addressing unwarranted concerns about community health programs dedicated to improving public health is outlined. Expand
Compassion fatigue in healthcare providers: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Prevalence is highly variable, and its relationship with demographic, personal, and/or professional variables is inconsistent, questions are raised about how to mitigate compassion fatigue. Expand
Alcohol and drug screening of newborns: would women consent?
Mothers would support a universal newborn alcohol and drug screening program if there was evidence that screening could lead to effective treatment for the mother and baby, and if appropriate resources were available. Expand
Catch-up Growth in Cortisone–Treated Rats: Effects of Calcium and Vitamin D
Summary: The aim of the study was to develop an animal model of steroid stunting and catch-up growth and to investigate the possibility that calcium supplements, with or without vitamin DExpand
Medical emergencies in children of orthodox Jehovah's Witness families: Three recent legal cases, ethical issues and proposals for management.
It is suggested that, in addition to fulfilling existing statutory duties to report a child in need of protection, health care professionals caring for acute patients of JW families should actively look for evidence that the patient has accurate medical information and is acting without coercion. Expand
Adolescent confidentiality: Understanding and practices of health care providers.
While health care providers regard confidentiality as paramount, the present survey revealed a wide variation in understanding and practices regarding confidential care for adolescents. Expand
Caregiver knowledge and skills to safely care for pediatric tracheostomy ventilation at home
A competency checklist is developed to inform initial training and subsequent assessment of knowledge and skills of family caregivers of children using home mechanical ventilation via tracheostomy. Expand