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Hot topic: a unified approach to utilize phenotypic, full pedigree, and genomic information for genetic evaluation of Holstein final score.
The first national single-step, full-information (phenotype, pedigree, and marker genotype) genetic evaluation was developed for final score of US Holsteins. Data included final scores recorded fromExpand
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BLUPF90 and related programs (BGF90)
COMPUTING METHODS BGF90 is a collection of software in Fortran 90 useful for breeding & genetics applications. The package consists of library modules and application programs. The modules areExpand
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Genetic Component of Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle, Development of Heat Index Function.
Production data obtained from AIPL USDA included 119,337 first-parity, test-day records of 15,012 Holsteins from 134 Georgia farms collected in 1990 to 1997. Weather information was obtained from theExpand
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Genome-wide association mapping including phenotypes from relatives without genotypes.
A common problem for genome-wide association analysis (GWAS) is lack of power for detection of quantitative trait loci (QTLs) and precision for fine mapping. Here, we present a statistical method,Expand
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Temperature-humidity indices as indicators of milk production losses due to heat stress.
Meteorological data (1993 to 2004) from 2 public weather stations in Phoenix, Arizona, and Athens, Georgia, were analyzed with test day milk yield data from herds near weather stations to identifyExpand
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Genetic component of heat stress in dairy cattle, parameter estimation.
Our data included 119,205 first-parity, test-day records from 15,002 Holsteins in 134 Georgia farms with temperature and humidity data from 21 weather stations throughout Georgia. The test-day modelExpand
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A relationship matrix including full pedigree and genomic information.
Dense molecular markers are being used in genetic evaluation for parts of the population. This requires a two-step procedure where pseudo-data (for instance, daughter yield deviations) are computedExpand
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Changing definition of productive life in US Holsteins: effect on genetic correlations.
Data included 392,800 records for cows born between 1995 and 1997. Traits analyzed were milk, fat, and protein yields, somatic cell score, days open (DO), 18 linear type traits, final score, andExpand
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Bias in genomic predictions for populations under selection.
Prediction of genetic merit or disease risk using genetic marker information is becoming a common practice for selection of livestock and plant species. For the successful application of genome-wideExpand
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Genetic parameters for first and second lactation milk yields of Polish black and white cattle with random regression test-day models.
Single- and two-trait random regression models were applied to estimate variance components of test-day records of milk, fat, and protein yields in the first and second lactation of Polish Black andExpand
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