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The effect of a clinical posting in psychiatry on the attitudes of medical students towards psychiatry and mental illness in a Malaysian medical school.
An 8-week clinical posting of fourth-year medical students in psychiatry was associated with an increase in positive attitudes to mental illness and to psychiatry among female students but not among male students. Expand
Language, Culture and Psychiatric Services: A Survey of Victorian Clinical Staff
Clinicians express the opinions that services to non-English speaking patients are inferior, and clinical outcome is worse than for the Australian-born, and there appears to be general support for changes which would seek to more adequately meet the psychiatric service needs of immigrants. Expand
Acculturation of Values and Behavior: A Study of Vietnamese Immigrants
The authors investigated acculturation as manifested in external behavior and within a culturally independent framework of human values.
The mental health of immigrant and refugee children and adolescents
  • I. Minas, S. Sawyer
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Medical journal of Australia
  • 1 October 2002
The finding that the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in Vietnamese children and adolescents was not significantly different from that found in a general Western Australian sample and in a national sample,1 despite the fact that many of these children and adolescence had been affected by the stresses of migration to a vastly different cultural environment and that many came from families who had lived through the traumas of war. Expand
A case study in the globalization of medical education: assisting overseas-born students at the University of Melbourne
The paper suggests the model of international student support developed by the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne may have potential relevance for other universities, in the context of the accelerating globalization of medical education. Expand
Chinese-Australians' Knowledge of Depression and Schizophrenia in the Context of Their Under-Utilization of Mental Health Care: an Analysis of Labelling
Accuracy in labelling major forms of MDs does not appear low in Chinese-Australians and seems higher than in the Australian community, and Findings dispute that low mental health care access and uptake is due to low recognition and discrimination ofMDs in Chinese people. Expand
Mental health and global movement of people
Although globalisation promises universal economic and social benefits it leads to increased marginalisation unemployment erosion of job security increased poverty reduced access to health care and education and reduced social provision for people who are ill or unemployed. Expand
The Prevalence of Psychiatric Morbidity in General Hospital Inpatients
The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity in a sample of medical and surgical inpatients in an Australian general hospital, and the estimated prevalence was 30% using the 60-item General Health Questionnaire. Expand
Does clinical exposure to patients in medical school affect trainee doctors' attitudes towards mental disorders and patients?--A pilot study.
Attitudes towards mental illness appeared to have become more favourable with clinical training in psychiatry, and ATP and AMI scores improved significantly with training. Expand
Depression, negative and positive symptoms, and the DST in schizophrenia
It is concluded that the DST has no clinical utility in identifying the non-melancholic depression which occurs commonly in schizophrenia. Expand