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Label-free detection of lysozyme in wines using an aptamer based biosensor and SPR detection
Abstract The optimization of an aptasensor with SPR detection allowed the determination of an allergen protein, lysozyme, with high accuracy, good sensitivity and a detection limit of 2.4 nM forExpand
A plastic-damage constitutive model for the finite element analysis of fibre reinforced concrete
A unique constitutive model for fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) is presented, which combines a number of mechanics-based sub models for the simulation of directional cracking, rough crack contact andExpand
Development of a label-free aptasensor for monitoring the self-association of lysozyme.
A label-free lysozyme aptasensor that is useful not only for the detection of the protein monomer but also for observing the onset of aggregation is presented and can be extended to other proteins which are prone to aggregation. Expand
Composite and free standing PANI-PVA membranes as flexible and stable optical pH sensors
Abstract Composite free standing membranes made by solvent casting of polyaniline (PANI) synthesized in the presence of water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as a steric stabilizer, were deposited onExpand
The simulation of crack opening–closing and aggregate interlock behaviour in finite element concrete models
The ability to model crack closure behaviour and aggregate interlock in finite element concrete models is extremely important. Both of these phenomena arise from the same contact mechanisms and theExpand
Micromechanical constitutive models forcementitious composite materials
A micromechanical constitutive model for concrete is proposed in which microcrack initiation, in the interfacial transition zone between aggregate particles and cement matrix, is governed by anExpand
A material model for cementitious composite materials with an exterior point Eshelby microcrack initiation criterion
A micromechanical model for cementitious composite materials is described in which microcrack initiation, in the interfacial transition zone between aggregate particles and cement matrix, is governedExpand
Smoothed contact in a micromechanical model for cement bound materials
The stability of a micromechanical constitutive model with embedded rough contact is considered. Spurious contact chatter at the constitutive level is reported. A single smooth contact stateExpand
Detection of biomedically relevant stilbenes from wines by mass spectrometry.
Various approaches related to mass spectrometry for the detection of stilbenes-such as coupling with chromatographic separation methods and direct infusion- are focused on, with presentation of some illustrative applications. Expand
Comparative Chemical Analysis of Mentha piperita and M. spicata and a Fast Assessment of Commercial Peppermint Teas
The hydrodistilled essential oils and volatile compounds (by static headspaces technique) of Mentha piperita L. and M. spicata L. were characterized by GC-MS and certain differences were discussed. Expand