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Auctions and iMesh based task assignment in wireless sensor and actuator networks
In this article, auctions are used to improve the recent information mesh (iMesh) based distance sensitive service discovery in wireless sensor and actuator networks, thus improving overall energy efficiency and lifetime of the network. Expand
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Robot to Robot
This article proposes auction aggregation protocols (AAPs) for task assignment in multihop wireless robot networks, based on the estimated response cost of its robots, up to fe-hops away. Expand
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Routing protocol for low-power and Lossy wireless sensor networks
We introduce IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Networks (RPL) for use in lossy environments to connect resource limited wireless nodes. Expand
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Distance Estimation Based on RSSI Improvements of Orientation Aware Nodes
  • M. Ivanic, I. Mezei
  • Computer Science
  • Zooming Innovation in Consumer Technologies…
  • 1 May 2018
An improvement of RSSI ranging based on finding the best node orientation is presented using IRIS wireless sensor network nodes. Expand
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Improved DV-Hop localization algorithm for wireless sensor networks
  • S. Tomic, I. Mezei
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE 10th Jubilee International Symposium on…
  • 25 October 2012
We propose an improvement of the range-free DV-Hop localization algorithm and present simulations results to evaluate it. Expand
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Improvements of DV-Hop localization algorithm for wireless sensor networks
Based on the improvements of the original DV-Hop localization algorithm, three new localization algorithms (iDV-Hop1, iDV -Hop2, and Quad DV -Hop) are presented in this article. Expand
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Auction Aggregation Protocols for Wireless Robot-Robot Coordination
We propose auction aggregation protocols for task assignment in multi-hop wireless robot networks. Expand
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Task assignment in wireless sensor and robot networks
Wireless sensor and robot networks (WSRNs) are the confluence point where the two traditional fields of wireless sensor networks ( WSNs) and multi-robot systems meet. Expand
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Greedy Extension of Localized Auction Based Protocols for Wireless Actuator Task Assignment
In this paper we assume that all actuators are mobile and an event was reported to one of the actuators, and a response by one actuator is required. Expand
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