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Molecular analyses confirm Brevicellicium in Trechisporales
The genus Brevicellicium encompasses wood-inhabiting corticioid fungi characterized by isodiametric subhymenial hyphae, short basidia, and smooth, often subangular spores with a distinct apiculus.Expand
Amanita poisonings resulting in acute, reversible renal failure: new cases, new toxic Amanita mushrooms.
BACKGROUND Renal failure as a consequence of eating mushrooms has been reported repeatedly after ingestion of webcaps of the Cortinarius orellanus group. But mushrooms of the genus Amanita can alsoExpand
New national and regional bryophyte records, 44
Syntrichia norvegica is a circumpolar arctic- montane species (Smith, 2004), rare at lower altitudes and in southern Europe (Frey et al., 2006). It is known from several south-eastern EuropeanExpand
A re-evaluation of Hypochnicium (Polyporales) based on morphological and molecular characters
Hypochnicium is a genus of corticioid, wood-inhabiting fungi in the Polyporales with a worldwide distribution. The genus has been characterized by the nature of the spores; they are thick-walled,Expand
Inonotus rickii (Pat.) Reid: an important legnicolous basidiomycete in urban trees
Inonotus rickii is a basidiomycete that causes cankers and decay in several ornamental trees, and has been reported in Portugal since 2002. The aim of the present work was to evaluate the incidenceExpand