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Measuring Instrument of Parameters of Quality of Electric Energy
In electric power industry, the important role is played with quality of electric energy as suitability for use of electric energy depends on its quality. Within the limits of the given workExpand
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Technologies for Producing of Environmentally Safe Process Oils
Processes for the manufacturing of environmentally benign aromatic process oils for petrochemical and tire industry have been surveyed. Selective solvents with an optimal combination of selectivity,Expand
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Mapping clusters of galaxies with a stratospheric balloon experimentMapping Clusters of Galaxies with a Stratospheric Balloon Experiment.
We describe the scientific rationale and the preliminary calibrations of the OLIMPO experiment: a 2.6 m stratospheric balloon borne telescope, to be flown in 2008 in a long duration circumpolarExpand
Four micron infrared observations of the comet Shoemaker‐Levy 9 collision with Jupiter at the Zelenchuk Observatory: Spectral evidence for a stratospheric haze and determination of its physical
We present preliminary results derived from low spectral resolution infrared spectra of the comet impact sites onto Jupiter. Fragments W/K were tracked several days after the collision at the SAOExpand
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Experimental investigation of transient effects of thermoelectric temperature transducers in the IVV-2M reactor
The first stage of investigations was carried out on the IVV-2M reactor to clarify the influence of transient effects on temperature measurement. The experiments were made on the basis of in-reactorExpand