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Estimation of distant relief effect in gravimetry
We analyze gravitational effects of distant topographic and bathymetric relief beyond the (earth-centered) angular distance of 1° 29′ 58″ (i.e., beyond the outer limit of the Hayford-Bowie zone O, orExpand
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Numerical Calculation of Terrain Correction Within the Bouguer Anomaly Evaluation (Program Toposk)
The new software solution Toposk was developed in order to recalculate the terrain corrections of the unified gravity database of the Slovak Republic. The program is designed primarily for theExpand
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National Gravimetric Database of the Slovak Republic
Compilation of the Slovak gravimetric database with the actual amount of about 320,000 observation points is presented. Gravity data were collected during more than 50 years, which yields a veryExpand
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The Effect of Topography In Calculating the Atmospheric Correction In Gravimetry
Although the gravitational effect of Earth’s atmosphere has relatively small values it is generally recommended to account for it in precision gravimetry. Since the effect is height-dependent, it isExpand
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An analysis of methods for gravity determination and their utilization for the calculation of geopotential numbers in the Slovak national levelling network
Abstract The vertical reference system in the Slovak Republic is realized by the National Levelling Network (NLN). The normal heights according to Molodensky have been introduced as reference heightsExpand
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Towards the measurement of zero vertical gradient of gravity on the Earth’s surface
It is well known that the vertical gradient of gravity measured on the Earth’s surface depends strongly on nearby topographical shapes. We simply inverted the problem and posed the question whether aExpand
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Some remarks on the history of the Bouguer anomaly
The first question we will briefly comment and discuss in our contribution is the problem of reduction or correction in gravimetry. It will be followed by the question What is "free-air" reduction orExpand
Geological Corrections in Gravimetry
Distant Relief Effect and Its Possible Impact on Large-Scale Gravity Interpretations
In gravimetry, the topography and bathymetry beyond the angular distance of approximately 1.5 degree from the point of calculation (we call it distant relief) is conventionally not accounted for.Expand
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Computation of the atmospheric gravity correction in New Zealand
Abstract The proper treatment and the accurate modelling of atmospheric gravity correction and other environmental effects on gravity measurements are indispensable in precise gravimetricExpand