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Cultural universals and particulars : an African perspective
Acknowledgments 1. Introduction: The Universal and the Particular Part I. General Considerations 2. A Philosophical Perspective on the Concept of Human Communication 3. Are There Cultural Universals?Expand
Leopold Sedar Senghor and the Politics of Negritude
Traditional Social Structure, the Islamic Brotherhoods, and Political Development in Senegal
Traditional social structures in new African states have not withered away according to the plans of modernising African leaders or the projections of western social scientists. Leaders and socialExpand
Uncivil society, capitalism and the state in Africa
State and society do not stand apart in Africa ‐ or anywhere else. Neither do they exist in precarious balance. This article explores the ways in which elements of the state are connected to civilExpand
The African Poor: A History.John Iliffe
Power and Class in Africa.
Enalapril attenuates glomerular hyperfiltration following a meat meal.
It has been shown that the glomerular filtration rate increases after a meat meal. We examined in humans whether enalapril, which has been shown to decrease glomerular capillary pressure in rats withExpand
Political parties in French West Africa.
Studies in power and class in Africa
These thirteen original essays bring the concept of social class to the analysis of contemporary African politics. Each considers different aspects of a single theme: the 'authoritative allocation ofExpand