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Towards a Framework for Semantic Business Process Compliance Management
Processes count to the most important assets of co mpanies. Ensuring the compliance of processes to legal regulations, g overnance guidelines, and strategic business requirements is a sine qua non cExpand
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SOFT-SLAM: Computationally efficient stereo visual simultaneous localization and mapping for autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles
Autonomous navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in GPS-denied environments is a challenging problem, especially for small-scale UAVs characterized by a small payload and limited batteryExpand
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Linking Business Goals to Process Models in Semantic Business Process Modeling
Broad knowledge is required when a business process is modeled by a business analyst. We argue that existing Business Process Management methodologies do not consider business goals at theExpand
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SUPER - Raising Business Process Management Back to the Business Level
according to two steps: the first is performed by the pi-Diapason virtual machine that allows the extraction of all possible execution traces, while the second is done by the analyser, which allowsExpand
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Speaker localization and tracking with a microphone array on a mobile robot using von Mises distribution and particle filtering
This paper deals with the problem of localizing and tracking a moving speaker over the full range around the mobile robot. The problem is solved by taking advantage of the phase shift between signalsExpand
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Towards a Formal Framework for Reuse in Business Process Modeling
Business process models are created by business users with an objective to capture business requirements, enable a better understanding of business processes, facilitate communication betweenExpand
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Moving object detection, tracking and following using an omnidirectional camera on a mobile robot
Equipping mobile robots with an omnidirectional camera is very advantageous in numerous applications as all information about the surrounding scene is stored in a single image frame. In the givenExpand
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Querying in Business Process Modeling
To respond quickly to changing market requirements, businesses need to increase the level of agility in all phases of the business process engineering chain. Business process (BP) modeling is theExpand
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Semantic Web Service Discovery for Business Process Models
Information technology is seen as a critical tool to increase the level of automation when incorporating new business requirements due to changing needs. Therefore, one of the key challenges in theExpand
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Business Functions Ontology and its Application in Semantic Business Process Modelling
Current business process modelling tools support neither restricting names nor using ontologies to describe process artefacts. This lack results in creating non-consistent process models which areExpand
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