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Zusammensetzung des Bronchialschleims bei langzeitig vorbehandelter chronisch obstruktiver Bronchitis und bei unvorbehandelter Bronchitis in Abhängigkeit von der Therapie
The bronchial mucus of 25 patients afflicted with chronic obstructive bronchitis and partly emphysematous lung changes has been investigated during a hospitalization of 15 days by means of ultracentrifugation, ultrasonic treatment, and subsequent freeze-drying. Expand
Beeinflussung der Atemwegsobstruktion durch kombinierte Katecholamin-Atropin-Therapie
In 12 patients affected with chronic obstructive bronchitis, a combined therapy with orciprenaline (Alupent®) per os (10 mg/single dose) and Sch 1000 per inhalation (12.5 μgsingle dose) was carried ou
Langzeituntersuchungen des α1-Antitrypsingehaltes und der Inhibitorkapazität des Serums bei Patienten mit α1-Antitrypsindefizit
Two patients with extreme α1-antitrypsin deficiency and emphysematous lung changes have been observed over a fairly long period.During permanent medicamentous therapy, the α1-antitrypsin level in theExpand
Die Langzeitbehandlung der chronischen Bronchitis mit dem Breitband-Chemotherapeuticum „Bactrim“
Bactrim was found to be a valuable complement in the therapy of patients suffering from chronic obstructive bronchitis with a high frequency of exacerbations with no side effects of the chemo-therapy. Expand