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An Attempt to Overcome Alternative Conceptions Related to Heat and Temperature.
A teaching model aimed at promoting conceptual change concerning the concepts of heat and temperature is described. The type of research conducted seems to have great impact on the professionalExpand
Aspects of the Scientific network and Communication of John Hyacinth de Magellan in Britain, Flanders and France
This paper focuses on the Portuguese polymath João Jacinto de Magalhães (1722–1790), also known as John Hyacinth de Magellan, and shows some specific aspects of his activities as a disseminator of Priestley's discoveries on pneumatics, mainly in Flanders, Holland and France, and through his large network of scientific correspondents. Expand
Searching for Modernization—Instruments in the Development of Earth Sciences in Portugal (18th Century)
In the 1700s the Portuguese government endorsed a mercantilist vision of the kingdom's wealth based in part on an industrialization process relying on mineral resources. The production cycles of goldExpand
Ernesto Vasconcellos' Astronomia Photographica: the earliest popular book on astronomical photography?
Portugal, albeit with its own cultural distinctiveness, was not immune to the ideologies permeating nineteenth-century European society, in particular those concerning the social advantages ofExpand
The first astronomical hypothesis based on cinematographical observations: Costa Lobo's 1912 evidence for polar flattening of the moon
Acceptance by the scientific community of results obtained with new technology can be a complex process. A particularly good example is provided by the unexpected hypothesis raised by FranciscoExpand
Portuguese Amateur Astronomy (1850–1910)
Although amateur astronomers have existed probably for as long as mankind has observed the sky their role has continued to adapt to different technological and social conditions. Throughout theExpand
A 134 advisory committee was set up to look into the matter. Amongst its members, one finds such ‘household’ names as George Airy (1801-1892), the Astronomer Royal, James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879),Expand