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An RNA pocket for an aliphatic hydrophobe
We have isolated an RNA with specific affinity for the L-valine side chain, using selection-amplification. The active RNA secondary structure, identified by repeated selection, is a highly conservedExpand
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Isoleucine:RNA sites with associated coding sequences.
An RNA family that binds isoleucine with Kd = 200-500 microM was repetitively isolated from a ribonucleotide transcript pool containing 50 randomized positions. The RNA site is specific,Expand
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Affinity selection-amplification from randomized ribooligonucleotide pools.
Publisher Summary Selection-amplification introduced a new capability to the study of RNA and DNA. One could ask if any nucleic acid (less than a certain size) existed that could perform a particularExpand
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RNAs that bind and change the permeability of phospholipid membranes.
The RNA world hypothesis presumes that RNA will be competent for varied essential cellular functions. One such indispensable cell function is regulation of membrane permeability. Though this was notExpand
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Selection of the simplest RNA that binds isoleucine.
We have identified the simplest RNA binding site for isoleucine using selection-amplification (SELEX), by shrinking the size of the randomized region until affinity selection is extinguished. Such aExpand
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RNA Affinity for Molecular L-Histidine; Genetic Code Origins
Selection for affinity for free histidine yields a single RNA aptamer, which was isolated 54 times independently. This RNA is highly specific for the side chain and binds protonated L-histidine withExpand
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A diminutive and specific RNA binding site for L-tryptophan
Selection for amino acid affinity by elution of RNAs from tryptophan–Sepharose using free L-tryptophan evokes one sequence predominantly (KD = 12 µM), a symmetrical internal loop of 3 nt per side.Expand
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23S rRNA similarity from selection for peptidyl transferase mimicry.
RNAs from a randomized pool were selected by affinity elution for binding to the molecule CCdApPuro, a high-affinity ligand of ribosomal peptidyl transferase designed as a transition-state analogueExpand
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Identification of the regulatory subunit of a cAMP-dependent protein kinase in Dictyostelium discoideum.
The occurrence of a cytosolic cAMP-binding protein of an approximate molecular weight of 41,000 daltons was monitored in vegetative and developing amoebae of Dictyosteliumdiscoideum by the use of theExpand
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Co-optimization of ribozyme substrate stacking and L-arginine binding.
A model of the Tetrahymena catalytic site predicts that nucleotide 262 (nt262) caps an RNA pocket in which nucleoside substrates and arginine-like competitive inhibitors reside. Here we show thatExpand
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