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Travelling through a warming world: climate change and migratory species.
Long-distance migrations are among the wonders of the natural world, but this multi- taxon review shows that the characteristics of species that undertake such movements appear to make themExpand
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Climate change causes rapid changes in the distribution and site abundance of birds in winter
Detecting coherent signals of climate change is best achieved by conducting expansive, long-term studies. Here, using counts of waders (Charadrii) collected from ca. 3500 sites over 30 years andExpand
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Effects of disturbance and habitat loss on papyrus-dwelling passerines
Throughout the world, but particularly in tropical regions habitat loss and disturbance are considered detrimental to biodiversity. We examine the effects of disturbance by harvesting, burning andExpand
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A Review of the Relative Merits of Conserving, Using, or Draining Papyrus Swamps
Wetlands are a vital resource, particularly in Africa where livelihoods are closely linked to natural capital. In recent years, extensive drainage has occurred to make way for agriculture. To gainExpand
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Impacts of shellfisheries and nutrient inputs on waterbird communities in the Wash, England
Summary 1. Overexploited fisheries threaten many species that depend on the exploited resource. Shorebird populations are in decline globally and here we describe how changing shellfishery managementExpand
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Extinction risk from climate change is reduced by microclimatic buffering
Protecting biodiversity against the impacts of climate change requires effective conservation strategies that safeguard species at risk of extinction1. Microrefugia allowed populations to surviveExpand
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Evaluating the statistical power of detecting changes in the abundance of seabirds at sea
There has been considerable recent concern about the plight of seabirds globally, as many species have declined substantially. In the UK there are statutory needs to monitor seabirds at sea,Expand
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Identifying declines in waterbirds: The effects of missing data, population variability and count period on the interpretation of long-term survey data
Abstract To manage and conserve wildlife populations effectively it is necessary to use methods that identify the often non-linear trends in populations, have an inbuilt assessment of trend qualityExpand
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Determinants of woody encroachment and cover in African savannas
Savanna ecosystems are an integral part of the African landscape and sustain the livelihoods of millions of people. Woody encroachment in savannas is a widespread phenomenon but its causes are widelyExpand
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Climate Change and Crop Exposure to Adverse Weather: Changes to Frost Risk and Grapevine Flowering Conditions
The cultivation of grapevines in the UK and many other cool climate regions is expected to benefit from the higher growing season temperatures predicted under future climate scenarios. Yet theExpand
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