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The Sociology of Early Buddhism
Acknowledgements List of abbreviations Introduction 1. The problem: asceticism and urban life Part I. Context: 2. The social elite 3. Economic conditions 4. Urbanization, urbanism and the development
The Symbolism of Mount Meru
  • I. Mabbett
  • History
    History of Religions
  • 1 August 1983
Analyse du symbolisme du Mont Meru dans la cosmologie indienne sous-jacente au Bouddhisme et a l'Hindouisme (le Mont Meru est une montagne mytique, axe du monde, situee theoriquement dans l'Himalaya
Ultrafast near-infrared sintering of a slot-die coated nano-silver conducting ink
Drying and sintering conductive inks for plastic electronics currently limits the rate of their roll-to-roll manufacture. Near infrared radiation is demonstrated to drastically reduce this process
Ultrafast near infrared sintering of TiO2 layers on metal substrates for dye‐sensitized solar cells
A limiting step to roll‐to‐roll production of dye‐sensitized solar cells on metals is TiO2 sintering (10–30 min). Near infrared (NIR) heating is a novel process innovation which directly heats
The ‘Indianization’ of Southeast Asia: Reflections on the Prehistoric Sources
From about the second century onwards, principalities (“empires” is probably the wrong word in all the earlier cases) began to appear in Southeast Asia, first along the isthmus of the Malay
The Problem of the Historical Nagarjuna Revisited
Nāgārjuna, the founder of Madhyamaka, is an enigma. Scholars are unable to agree upon a date for him (within the first three centuries A.D.), or a place (almost anywhere in India), or even the number
Comparison of Pocket Plate and Sintered Plate Ni Electrodes Used in Energy Storage Technologies for PV Back Up Applications
Utility scale electrochemical energy storage will become an important topic as countries across the globe set targets for electricity generation from renewable sources. Much current research is