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Description of a new mayfly species (Ephemeroptera) from the Soviet Far East
The new species Neoephemeropsis rants is described from the larvae collected in the Ussuri River in the Primorye Territory. This is the first record of the genus Neoephemeropsis in the USSR.
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East Palaearctic Allomyia (Trichoptera: Apataniidae)
Two new insular species, Allomyia delicatula sp.n. and Allomyia coronae sp.n., from the eastern Palaearctic are described. Male, female and larva of Allomyia sajanensis (Levanidova) are redescribed.Expand
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Trichoptera hydroptilidae (Insecta) from Soviet Union Far-Eastern territories
This is a contribution to the study of the scarcely known Trichoptera Hydroptilidae from Soviet Far-East (Primorye, Amur River basin, Kuril Islands, Kamtschatka, Chukotka). The discovery of a newExpand
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Consideration on Archithremma ulachensis Martynov (Trichoptera, Limnephilidae)
Abstract This paper contains a redescription of the larval and imaginai characters of the enigmatic Archithremma ulachensis Martynov. This genus appears to be a very isolated relict. It belongs toExpand
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