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Understanding Attributions of Blame in Stranger Rape and Date Rape Situations: An Examination of Gender, Race, Identification, and Students' Social Perceptions of Rape Victims1
This study examined factors that may influence attributions of rape victims. Three hundred and three university students completed a questionnaire, which included a measure of dispositional empathy
The impact of college experience on political and social attitudes
In the last two decades a considerable volume of research has focused on how the college experience affects students. The purpose of the research reported here was to investigate to what extent
The effects of gender, race, religion, and political orientation on the sex role attitudes of college freshmen.
The view that entering freshmen have established sex role belief systems that tend to be organized around constellations of traditional/conservative versus egalitarian/liberal attitudes is supported.
Sexual Socialization Differences by Gender, Greek Membership, Ethnicity, and Religious Background
Socialization theories have included parents and peers as important determinants of the initial sexual standards and sexual behavior of teenagers and young adults. The purpose of the research
Nontraditional gender roles and the sexual experiences of heterosexual college students
The purposes of this study of heterosexual college students were (1) to specify gender differences and similarities in sexual beliefs and experiences, (2) to determine the prevalence of women
Sexual Rights: Meanings, Controversies, and Sexual Health Promotion
  • I. Lottes
  • Sociology, Medicine
    Journal of sex research
  • 12 March 2013
For nearly two decades the term sexual rights has been increasingly used in multiple disciplines, including family planning, public health, and sexology, as well as in advocacy campaigns for groups
Reactions to pornography on a college campus: For or against?
In recent years pornography has become a controversial political/moral issue sparking intense debate among a variety of groups. The purpose of the research carried out in 1988 and reported here was
Sexual health policies in other industrialized countries: Are there lessons for the United States?
  • I. Lottes
  • Medicine
    Journal of sex research
  • 1 February 2002
This review indicates that the recommendations of health and social science experts in the U.S. are consistent with approaches in countries where programs have done a better job in meeting the sexual health needs of their populations.
Sexual coercion among university students: A comparison of the United States and Sweden
Sociocultural theorists, including feminist theorists, propose that the prevalence of sexual coercion in a society is related to male dominance in the social structure and a culture that sustains it.