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Deep strong coupling regime of the Jaynes-Cummings model.
We study the quantum dynamics of a two-level system interacting with a quantized harmonic oscillator in the deep strong coupling regime (DSC) of the Jaynes-Cummings model, that is, when the couplingExpand
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Shortcut to adiabatic passage in two- and three-level atoms.
We propose a method to speed up adiabatic passage techniques in two-level and three-level atoms extending to the short-time domain their robustness with respect to parameter variations. ItExpand
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Quantum Rabi Model with Trapped Ions
We propose the quantum simulation of the quantum Rabi model in all parameter regimes by means of detuned bichromatic sideband excitations of a single trapped ion. We show that current setups canExpand
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Zeno physics in ultrastrong-coupling circuit QED
We study the Zeno and anti-Zeno effects in a superconducting qubit interacting strongly and ultrastrongly with a microwave resonator. Using a model of a frequently measured two-level systemExpand
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Motional frequency shifts of trapped ions in the Lamb-Dicke regime
First order Doppler effects are usually ignored in laser driven trapped ions when the recoil frequency is much smaller than the trapping frequency (Lamb-Dicke regime). This means that the central,Expand
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Transitionless quantum drivings for the harmonic oscillator
Two methods to change a quantum harmonic oscillator frequency without transitions in a finite time are described and compared. The first method, a transitionless-tracking algorithm, makes use of aExpand
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Femtosecond laser ablation for microfluidics
We present some applications of femtosecond laser ablation for microfluidics. A doubled Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser (=400 nm; pulse width, 90 fs; pulse energy up to 350 µJ; pulse repetition rate, 1Expand
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Energy consumption for Shortcuts To Adiabaticity
Shortcuts to adiabaticity let a system reach the results of a slow adiabatic process in a shorter time. We propose to quantify the "energy cost" of the shortcut by the energy consumption of theExpand
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Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics with a Superconducting Quantum Point Contact
We consider a superconducting quantum point contact in a circuit quantum electrodynamics setup. We study three different configurations, attainable with current technology, where a quantum pointExpand
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Generalized relation between pulsed and continuous measurements in the quantum Zeno effect
A relation is found between pulsed measurements of the excited-state probability of a two-level atom illuminated by a driving laser and a continuous measurement by a second laser coupling the excitedExpand
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