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Sunflower breeding at the Agricultural Institute Osijek
Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) is grown on around 20 milion ha in the world and is one of the most important crops for oil production. Average grain yield are around 1.1 t/ha and very variable (0.5Expand
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Response of sugar beet to foliar fertilization with Epsom salt (MgSO4.7H2O)
Foliar fertilization of sugar beet with Epsom salt (ESF), 5% MgS04.7H20 solution (two times in June), resulted in increase of sucrose contents by 0.25 and 0.20% (averages of 13 cultivars and threeExpand
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Influence of Fungicides Application and Seed Processing on Sunflower Seed Quality
Summary Th e aim of the research was to determine infl uence of methods of seed processing and application of fungicides on mass of 1000 seeds, intergrowth energy and seed germination of sunfl owerExpand
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Quantitative analysis of oil yield and its components in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.).
Increasing of oil yield is one of the most important goals in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) breeding programs. The objectives of this research were to assess the interrelationships between oilExpand
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Influences of irrigation and fertilization on soybean properties and nitrogen leaching
Influences of irrigation rates and N fertilization on soybean grain yield and N leaching were tested under field conditions on Osijek, during the growing seasons 2001, 2003 and 2005 (A). TheExpand
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Influence of seed treatment on oil content of sunflower seed
Zrno suncokreta specificnih je svojstava s obzirom na genotip, proces dorade sjemena, tretman i skladistenje, a uslijed toga cesto dolazi do promjene kemijskog sastava zrna. Ovim istraživanjemExpand
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Combining abilities and gene effects on sunflower grain yield, oil content and oil yield
Background and Purpose: The purpose of this research was to estimate general (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA) for grain yield, oil content and oil yield of sunflower inbred lines, toExpand
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Response of sunflower hybrids to growing in different environments
The objective of the investigation was testing of sunflower hybrids in different environmental conditions. Trials were set up at three locations (Osijek —Eastern Slavonia county, Karanac — BaranjaExpand
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Estimantion of sunflower breeding material tolerance on Diaporthe/Phomopsis helianthi
Phomopsis of sunflower [caused by Phomopsis helianthi Munt.-Cvet. et al. (teleomorph Diaporthe helinathi Munt.-Cvet. et al.)], is one of the principal sunflower diseases in the Republic of CroatiaExpand
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Combining abilities and gene effect for 1000 seed weight and hectoliter mass in sunflower ( Helianthus annuus L.)
Masa 1000 zrna i hektolitarska masa su svojstva kojima se u oplemenjivackom programu na suncokretu u Poljoprivrednom institutu Osijek poklanja znacajna pozornost. Važan segment kod izbora poželjnihExpand