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How bad is naive multicast routing?
In previous approaches to routing multicast connections in networks, the emphasis has been on the source transmitting to a fixed set of destinations (the multicast group). There are some applicationsExpand
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The Design and Implementation of an Operating System to Support Distributed Multimedia Applications
Support for multimedia applications by general purpose computing platforms has been the subject of considerable research. Much of this work is based on an evolutionary strategy in which small changesExpand
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Fairisle: an ATM network for the local area
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Jitsu: Just-In-Time Summoning of Unikernels
Network latency is a problem for all cloud services. It can be mitigated by moving computation out of remote datacenters by rapidly instantiating local services near the user. This requires anExpand
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Switchlets and Dynamic Virtual ATM Networks
This paper presents a novel approach to the control and management of ATM networks, by allowing different control architectures to be operational within the same network, and on the same switch. TheExpand
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Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends on It
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The Tempest: a framework for safe, resource assured, programmable networks
Most research in network programmability has stressed the flexibility engendered by increasing the ability of users to configure network elements for their own purposes, without addressing the largerExpand
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Statistical properties of a near-optimal measurement-based CAC algorithm
Our algorithm, called Mosquito, allows sources to be ignorant of their statistics but offers near-optimal utilisation of the network. Our approach is based on large deviation theory: the largeExpand
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The Xenoserver computing infrastructure
The Xenoserver project [15] will build a public infrastructure for wide-area distributed computing. We envisage a world in which Xenoserver execution platforms will be scattered across the globe andExpand
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Counting the cycles: a comparative study of NFS performance over high speed networks
In the management of a modern LAN or campus network, two issues are of key importance, namely network performance and capacity planning. In this paper we report on results from an experimentalExpand
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