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Comparisons with Caenorhabditis (∼100 Mb) and Drosophila (∼175 Mb) Using Flow Cytometry Show Genome Size in Arabidopsis to be ∼157 Mb and thus ∼25 % Larger than the Arabidopsis Genome Initiative
Recent genome sequencing papers have given genome sizes of 180 Mb for Drosophila melanogaster Iso-1 and 125 Mb for Arabidopsis thaliana Columbia. The former agrees with early cytochemical estimates,Expand
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Nuclear DNA amounts in angiosperms: progress, problems and prospects.
BACKGROUND The nuclear DNA amount in an unreplicated haploid chromosome complement (1C-value) is a key diversity character with many uses. Angiosperm C-values have been listed for reference purposesExpand
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Nuclear DNA Amounts in Angiosperms and their Modern Uses—807 New Estimates
The DNA amount in the unreplicated haploid nucleus of an organism is known as its C-value. C-values differ about 1000-fold among angiosperms and are characteristic of taxa. The data are used in manyExpand
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Eukaryotic genome size databases
Three independent databases of eukaryotic genome size information have been launched or re-released in updated form since 2005: the Plant DNA C-values Database (), the Animal Genome Size Database () and the Fungal Genome size Database (). Expand
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First nuclear DNA amounts in more than 300 angiosperms.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Genome size (DNA C-value) data are key biodiversity characters of fundamental significance used in a wide variety of biological fields. Since 1976, Bennett and colleagues haveExpand
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The largest eukaryotic genome of them all
We report the largest eukaryotic genome to date in the monocot Paris japonica (Melanthiaceae, 1C = 152.23 pg), measured using flow cytometry. This value is 15% larger than any previous estimate andExpand
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DNA C-value is a highly variable aspect of plant biodiversity whose origin and significance has often attracted general interest. Evaluation of the phylogenetic component of genome size variation isExpand
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Nuclear DNA amounts in angiosperms: targets, trends and tomorrow.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The amount of DNA in an unreplicated gametic chromosome complement is known as the C-value and is a key biodiversity character of fundamental significance with many practical andExpand
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Evolution of genome size in the angiosperms.
Genome size varies extensively across the flowering plants, which has stimulated speculation regarding the ancestral genome size of these plants and trends in genome evolution. We investigated theExpand
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Genome downsizing in polyploid plants
All else being equal, polyploids are expected to have larger C-values (amount of DNA in the unreplicated gametic nucleus) than their diploid progenitors, increasing in direct proportion with ploidy.Expand
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