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solutions investigated, the absorption index diminishing approximately 1% for a rise in temperature of one degree. 6. In liquid ammonia rough measurements of concentration showed the absorption indexExpand
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The Theory of Collectors in Gaseous Discharges
When a cylindrical or spherical electrode (collector) immersed in an ionized gas is brought to a suitable potential, it becomes surrounded by a symmetrical space-charge region or "sheath" of positiveExpand
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The Interaction of Electron and Positive Ion Space Charges in Cathode Sheaths
Effect of positive ions generated at a plane anode upon the space charge limitation of electron currents from a parallel cathode.\char22{}Mathematical analysis shows that single ions emitted withExpand
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The Effect of Space Charge and Initial Velocities on the Potential Distribution and Thermionic Current between Parallel Plane Electrodes
Effect of space charge and cathode temperature on thermionic current and potential distribution.\char22{}I. Case of parallel plane electrodes. (a) Current limited by space charge. The resultsExpand
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Currents Limited by Space Charge between Concentric Spheres
ABSTRACT Limiting current between concentric spheres; calculation of the function in the space charge equation – The coefficients of the first six terms of a seriesfor a were determined, and a 2Expand
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Vapor Pressure of Caesium by the Positive Ion Method
The positive ion currents from pure tungsten filaments in saturated caesium vapor at bulb temperatures from -35\ifmmode^\circ\else\textdegree\fi{}C to +73\ifmmode^\circ\else\textdegree\fi{}C wereExpand
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Scattering of Electrons in Ionized Gases
Velocity distribution of electrons in low pressure discharges from hot cathodes.\char22{}Analysis of the current received by a collector placed opposite a hot cathode indicates that there are threeExpand
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