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The contribution of noise to contrast invariance of orientation tuning in cat visual cortex.
This work has compared the orientation tuning of spike and membrane potential responses in single cells and found that both are contrast invariant, yet a threshold-linear relation applied to the membrane potential accurately predicts the orientationuning of spike responses. Expand
Synfire Chains and Cortical Songs: Temporal Modules of Cortical Activity
This work finds precise repetitions of spontaneous patterns of synaptic inputs in neocortical neurons in vivo and in vitro, which repeat after minutes, maintaining millisecond accuracy. Expand
Instantaneous correlation of excitation and inhibition during ongoing and sensory-evoked activities
Using simultaneous intracellular recordings in pairs of nearby neurons in vivo, it is found that excitatory and inhibitory inputs are continuously synchronized and correlated in strength during spontaneous and sensory-evoked activities in the rat somatosensory cortex. Expand
Synchronous Membrane Potential Fluctuations in Neurons of the Cat Visual Cortex
Recording intracellularly from pairs of neurons less than 500 microm distant from one another in V1 of anesthetized cats revealed significant correlations between the cells in each pair, suggesting local, rather than global, synchrony. Expand
Stimulus dependence of two-state fluctuations of membrane potential in cat visual cortex
In complex cells of anesthetized cats, where such fluctuations are most prominent, prolonged visual stimulation increased the probability of the up state, related to stimulus strength: its dependence on stimulus orientation and contrast matched each cell's averaged membrane potential. Expand
Subthreshold oscillations and resonant behavior: two manifestations of the same mechanism
The results show that the resonant behavior of individual neurons is the basis of the oscillatory behavior of the network and that resonance can serve as a lumped parameter which encodes thescillatory tendency of a neuron. Expand
The Subthreshold Relation between Cortical Local Field Potential and Neuronal Firing Unveiled by Intracellular Recordings in Awake Rats
This data, supported by further analysis, suggests that LFP STA does not represent large network events specific to the spike times, but rather the synchrony between the mean synaptic activity of the population and the membrane potential of the single neuron, present both around spike times and in the intervals between spikes. Expand
Foraging mode in lacertid lizards: variation and correlates
Foraging strategy was observed in five species of Israeli lacertid lizards in the field, possibly indicating the existence of a continuum of foraging modes. Expand
High-efficiency optogenetic silencing with soma-targeted anion-conducting channelrhodopsins
The authors somatically target the anion-conducting opsin GtACR to eliminate spiking in distal axons and improve photocurrents, thus enhancing its utility and allowing highly efficient inhibition of neuronal activity in the mammalian brain. Expand
Dynamics of the orientation-tuned membrane potential response in cat primary visual cortex
Neurons in the primary visual cortex are highly selective for stimulus orientation, whereas their thalamic inputs are not. Much controversy has been focused on the mechanism by which corticalExpand