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[Transgenic goats in the world's pharmaceutical industry in the XXI century].
The role of fundamental science in the development of this field of the pharmaceutical industry is discussed and an anticoagulant antithrombin III, developed by Genzyme Transgenic Corporation, will appear on the pharmaceutical market in the nearest future. Expand
[A mice model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis expressing mutant human FUS protein].
This transgenic mice line, in which a pathogenic form of human FUS protein was expressed in the nervous system, is an adequate transgenic model of the disease and corresponds to a great number of clinical manifestations of human ALS. Expand
A study of recombinant human lactoferrin secreted in milk of transgenic mice
The data obtained in this study allow the created genetic constructs to be used for obtaining producers of human lactoferrin on the basis of farm animals. Expand
[New approaches to construction of transgenic animals with high level tissue-specific expression of foreign genes: construction and reconstruction of genomic domains].
The domain hypothesis of the genome organization is analyzed in detail, as many problems associated with a low level and a lack of tissue specificity of transgene expression can be solved at the step of construction (or reconstruction of existing domains). Expand
[Development of sheep, transgenic in genetic design of alphaS1-casein/chymosin].
[Guinea pig chromosomes].
[The effect of polyglucin on hematopoiesis].
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  • 1960
[Generation of transgenic animals, expressing alpha- and beta-chains of autoreactive TCR].
Cloned genes, encoding alpha- and beta- chains of autoreactive TCR of hybridoma 7, specific for syngeneic MHC class II molecules A(b) are cloned and generated animals that may serve to explain a number of intrathymic selection processing features and T cell maturation as well as to serve as experimental models for development of new approaches to therapy of autoimmune diseases. Expand
[Spatial arrangement of chromosomes in somatic cell nuclei. IV. Homologous chromosomes in guinea pigs and domestic pigs].
Conjugation of homologous chromosomes under normal conditions was determined, with a high rate reliability, to be equal to the 0.99 level of measuring, within the limits of the elaborated mathematical model. Expand