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Muscle volume, MRI relaxation times (T2), and body composition after spaceflight.
Postflight changes in muscle volume, calf muscle transverse relaxation time, and total body composition were measured in 4 crewmembers after a 17-day mission and in 14-16 crewmembers in multipleExpand
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Exercise in space: the European Space Agency approach to in-flight exercise countermeasures for long-duration missions on ISS
We show that, during the course of an LDM, crewmember absolute training loads increase rather than decrease, and they are able to maintain relative high exercise loads during prolonged exposure to µG. Expand
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Myonuclear domain and myosin phenotype in human soleus after bed rest with or without loading.
After 2 or 4 mo of bed rest (6 degrees head-down tilt) and 1 mo of ambulation, there was a tendency toward a higher percentage of fibers expressing fast myosin heavy chain (MHC) isoforms and a deExpand
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Effects of spaceflight on rhesus quadrupedal locomotion after return to 1G.
Effects of spaceflight on Rhesus quadrupedal locomotion after return to 1G. Locomotor performance, activation patterns of the soleus (Sol), medial gastrocnemius (MG), vastus lateralis (VL), andExpand
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Russian system of countermeasures on board of the International Space Station (ISS): the first results.
The system of countermeasures used by Russian cosmonauts in space flights on board of International Space Station (ISS) was based on the developed and tested in flights on board of Russian spaceExpand
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Pathophysiology of motor functions in prolonged manned space flights.
The influence of weightlessness on different parts of the motor system have been studied in crew members of 140 and 175 days space flights. It has been shown that weightlessness affects all parts ofExpand
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Effect of long-duration spaceflight on postural control during self-generated perturbations.
This report is the first systematic evaluation of the effects of prolonged weightlessness on the bipedal postural control processes during self-generated perturbations produced by voluntary upperExpand
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The effect of head-to-trunk position on the direction of arm movements before, during, and after space flight.
This contribution deals with the examination of the consequences of different head-to-trunk positions on arm movements under normal gravity and during prolonged space flight. One of the objectives ofExpand
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Effects of strength training, using a gravity-independent exercise system, performed during 110 days of simulated space station confinement
The efficacy of a resistance exercise paradigm, using a gravity-independent flywheel principle, was examined in four men subjected to 110 days of confinement (simulation of flight of internationalExpand
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Effects of three days of dry immersion on muscle sympathetic nerve activity and arterial blood pressure in humans.
The present study was performed to determine how sympathetic function is altered by simulated microgravity, dry immersion for 3 days, and to elucidate the mechanism of post-spaceflight orthostaticExpand
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