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Contact urticaria provoked by balsam of Peru
Six patients with chronic urticaria are described in whom immediate type hypersensitivity to balsam of Peru was proven by patch test.
[Laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Initial experiences].
It is considered that, laporoscopic cholecystectomy can be carried out only by specialists in both bile surgery and laparoscopic techniques, provided that all the personal and technical conditions necessary for traditional choleCystectomies are at hand. Expand
[Results of mammographic screening at the Mammary Center of Debrecen in 1999 and 2000].
The results of the breast cancer screening program in Debrecen fulfilled the professional requirements of mammographic service-screening and the chances for a better life of these 107 women operated on with breast cancer in early state increased. Expand
[Changes of authorship characteristics in Hungarian medical publications in the period of 1967-97].
Authorship characteristics of publications appeared in the 1967-1977-1987-1997 volumes of the Orvosi Hetilap (Medical Weekly) were analysed and compared with corresponding data in the internationalExpand
Oral contraceptives and liver tumors
The case is described of a 36-year old female patient who developed a benign hepatic cell adenoma after having taken oral contraceptives for several years, and after subtotal hepatectomy the patient recovered uneventfully, and has remained symptom-free since that time. Expand
[Vitamin K 1 concentration and vitamin K-dependent clotting factors in newborn infants after intramuscular and oral administration of vitamin K 1].
It is suggested that oral administration of vitamin K1 is as effective as the intramuscular route in infants during the first four-five days of life. Expand
[Successful surgical treatment of ruptured left ventricular aneurysm].
Authors report on the successful surgical treatment of a ruptured left ventricular aneurysm that resulted in cardiogenic shock and emphasize that the quick and close co-operation between departments was a prerequisite of the success. Expand
[Mortality of amanitin type mushroom poisoning].
[Peru balsam contact urticaria].