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Real axis integration of Sommerfeld integrals with error estimation
A new integration scheme, specifically tailored for the first, finite, part of Sommerfeld Integrals (SIs) arising in the electromagnetic analysis of multilayered structures, is presented. ItExpand
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Considerations on Double Exponential-Based Cubatures for the Computation of Weakly Singular Galerkin Inner Products
Highly accurate and efficient cubatures based on the double exponential quadrature rules are presented for the computation of weakly singular integrals arising in Galerkin mixed potential integralExpand
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On the Development and Evaluation of Spatial-Domain Green’s Functions for Multilayered Structures With Conductive Sheets
This work focuses on Green's functions (GFs) of planar multilayered structures that may include an arbitrary number of conductive sheets. Expand
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A parametric study of the Double Exponential algorithm utilized in weakly singular integrals
The Double Exponential (DE) quadrature rule is modified in order to efficiently integrate the observation domain of the 4-D weakly singular integrals arising in Mixed Potential Integral EquationExpand
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Volume integral equation formulation for medical applications
In recent years, there is a considerable and growing interest in developing fast integral equation methods for solving Maxwell's equations. Volume integral equations are a versatile technique toExpand
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Mixed potentials for planar multilayered structures including conductive interfaces
A complete and automatized strategy has been developed to derive the Vector and Scalar Potential Green Functions (GFs) of planar multilayered structures that include conductive sheets. The propagatorExpand
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On the development and evaluation of spatial domain Green Functions for multilayered structures with conductive sheets
This work focuses on Green Functions (GFs) of planar multilayered structures that may include arbitrary number of conductive sheets. The spectral domain GFs are derived through an automatizedExpand
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Microwave gas breakdown in elliptical waveguides
This paper analyzes the microwave gas discharge within elliptical waveguides excited by the fundamental mode. The Rayleigh-Ritz method has been applied to solve the continuity equation. TheExpand
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Analyzing corona breakdown with a finite element-based electromagnetic solver
This paper demonstrates how an already developed finite element code for solving electromagnetic problems can be manipulated and simply extended so as to investigate complicated corona breakdowns. AExpand
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