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Towards factoring bivariate approximate polynomials
A new algorithm is presented for factoring bivariate approximate polynomials over C[x, y]. Expand
Central configurations of the 5-body problem with equal masses in three-dimensional space
We enumerate central configurations with axial symmetry in the 5-body problem with equal masses in three-dimensional space. It is thus shown, that only two of these configurations, have a uniqueExpand
Exact Computation of the bifurcation Point B4 of the logistic Map and the Bailey-broadhurst Conjectures
We compute explicitly the irreducible polynomial corresponding to the bifurcation point B4 of the logistic map. Expand
Symmetric Hadamard matrices of order 116 and 172 exist
Abstract We construct new symmetric Hadamard matrices of orders 92, 116, and 172. While the existence of those of order 92 was known since 1978, the orders 116 and 172 are new. Our construction isExpand
Heuristic algorithms for Hadamard matrices with two circulant cores
We design heuristic algorithms to construct Hadamard matrices with two circulant cores of order 116 using the supplementary difference sets formalism. Expand
Using symmetries in the eigenvalue method for polynomial systems
We investigate the case that the system of polynomial equations has symmetries in the eigenvalue method. Expand
Homotopies and polynomial system solving I: basic principles
We present a survey of some basic ideas involved in the use of homotopies for solving systems of polynomial equations. Expand
Numerical Implicitization of Parametric Hypersurfaces with Linear Algebra
We present a new method for implicitization of parametric curves, surfaces and hypersurfaces using essentially linear algebra. Expand
A geometric-numeric algorithm for absolute factorization of multivariate polynomials
In this paper, we propose a new semi-numerical algorithmic method for factoring multivariate polynomials absolutely. Expand